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[11 Aug 2009|06:36pm]

I was going to start a whole new blog for my artwork and for talking about art but I changed my least for now. It's too complicated to have so many journals/blogs. I'll just use this one for everything. I'd rather focus on my art than focus on blogging about it. So I'll just copy/paste what I wrote in there yesterday instead of linking it and just continue posting here with updates and such...

"I would love to be a freelance artist but can't financially do it right now so instead I'll have to slowly accomplish this by doing art in my free time and selling it on I hope someday I can do this for full time work but for now, I can only do it on the side.

My goal right now is to just get back into drawing and painting and sell what I can through etsy. I'm gonna try to update as much as I can with new creations.

my newest creation...Alice Cullen from Twilight...yes, I'm a nerd. Whatever, I don't care. I love Twilight! I think she came out pretty good considering I haven't drawn in a long time. I hope to improve my skills through my journey of becoming my dream. Now I need to buy some art supplies!! I would really like some recommendations on artist's favorites since I have no idea where to start when it comes to buying supplies. Wish me luck!!

Ideas and inspiration welcome =)


So that's from yesterday. Today I just want to say that I signed up for an autumn craft class online. It's hosted by a girl who really inspires me and have such cute artwork, Elsie and I'm really looking forward to it. It starts in September and is a month long. She will be just teaching everyone a bunch of cute crafty projects that are autumn-inspired and will work well for Christmas gifts. =) I can't wait to begin it. This will be a good start for me to get back into the arts and crafts world.

That's a long enough entry, so I'll end here.
-Heather =)

p.s. I really want a bicycle!!!
...with a basket!!!

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important question...x-posted on facebook [16 Feb 2009|08:23pm]
So I've been questioning this for awhile, just to myself, really...not aloud to others, but now I think I need some make my decision a little easier.

Okay, so as most of you know, I stupidly got engaged and married at the age of nineteen, was married for a year and now separated for a year. So here I am now, happily in a new relationship and totally over the ex, and left with this engagement ring and wedding band. I don't have any emotional attachment to it and don't wear it periodically in remembrance of a time before. It's stuff away in my jewelry box and hasn't been touched in over a year. So...the I pawn/ebay/craigslist it? Or do I keep it to remember good times, not the bad ones...even though I hope to have one to replace it in the future? It's not like I'm EVER gonna wear it again. I have no hopes of getting back together with him. I'm with Christopher and more than happy with him. So..what would you do?

I totally could use the extra cash...but would that be so wrong to do? Helps!!
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[31 Jan 2009|12:46pm]
Yesterday and Thursday I babysat Jennie's niece. Her mom was there but she needed an extra hand to help out so she could get some work done. They have three dogs, one wheaton and two yorkies. I adore them all, Mya, the wheaton, will always be my favorite. Christopher and I watched her and stayed at their house when they went away last summer. Jennie's mom, Loretta, wants us to do it again this year when they go away because she thought we did such a good job. She thinks I have a way with dogs. She thinks I'm really good with them and that I should start my own dog sitting business. I could put an ad in the newspaper and I could charge them by the visit. I think this is such an awesome idea. I think I'd be a better independent worker than I would be at any business. I don't like the whole dealing with people and boss thing.

Christopher's mom thinks I should crochet things and sell them. She thinks I could make lots of money making muslim hats for guys in prison. Apparently they are big in prison and they'd pay like 15-20 bucks for them. They'd probably cost me like 3 dollars to make so that's quite a profit. Chris thinks I should too...well, he thinks I should just make stuff and sell them. Apparently a lot of people think I'd work better independently. I love these ideas. I want to do them all. I wish I lived in my own apartment with Chris and had my own room for a studio so I could just create until the wee hours of the morning. I have no room here but so much inspiration. I wish I could just do it all. I wish I had the motivation. I wish I had the money to start my own business. I would in a heartbeat.
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[27 Jan 2009|11:19am]

This is Maiden. She's an 80 pound American Bulldog. Her owner is my dad's friend and she's looking to get rid of her because her other dog isn't getting along with her. She just wants to find her a good home, therefore she's giving her away for free. If you're interested, let me know.
Serious inquiries only. Thanks!!
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[21 Jan 2009|08:29pm]
How complicated can a night out bowling be...apparently very. A couple of friends decided to go bowling tonight because it's dollar night in troy. My friend called and invited me and I said that I'd go. Later I talked to Christopher and mentioned it but we both don't have money so we decided not to and I hung up angrily because I did really want to go...just to see some friends I haven't seen in awhile. Have some fun, ya know. I've been stressed lately. So an hour or so later, he calls back again and says he wants to go and asks me if I want to. He didn't really sound like he wanted me to go...just sounded like he had to ask me since we talked about it previously. We got in a big argument over bowling...bowling! I felt like he just wanted to go and hang out with his friends, not have me there because I'm a hassle and thinks we're just going to fight. Whatever. He didn't try to make me feel better. He didn't console me and say that he wanted to see me. He didn't say he loved me. He didn't say anything. He just more mad. I expect him to try to make me feel better like I always do for him, but he couldn't. He just couldn't say something nice. Is it really that hard? Do we need time apart? We do spend a lot of time together especially lately because we're both jobless right now. Spending too much time together leads to a lot of fighting and getting frustrated and getting sick of each other. Maybe time apart will be good for us...or maybe we will just grow apart and realize we are fine on our own. It's been almost a year since we started dating and I'm really hoping it wasn't a waste. Really hoping.

So here's to a night alone with my precious kitty, LuLu.
At least I can always depend on her.
Now where's my ben & jerry's?
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[18 Jan 2009|04:51pm]
i'm in one of those moods where nothing can cheer me up. i just want to feel numb and sleep for days. i'm sick of everything.

last night, i went out with a couple friends and the boy. i was trying to hook the two friends up. the girl can sometimes get on my nerves and drive me nuts...and well, she did last night. i got in one of my moods and didn't feel like doing anything...or saying anything. it ruined my night and i know i probably ruined theirs. just sometimes people get on my nerves...and quick. there's nothing to get out of my moods...just time. people tell me that i need to lighten up. that i don't act my age, i act older, and i just need to let go and have fun. i don't know how to do that. just everything gets to me now. not like they used to.

it made me miss being in ninth grade...when i felt most myself. i had so much fun with my friends. i did whatever i wanted and wasn't scared of stupid things like i am now. somewhat fearless. i tried things. i lightened up. now i can't bring myself to do that. i can't bring myself to lighten up.

my boyfriend says i need to smoke a joint. haha. if only it was always that easy.
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[17 Jan 2009|11:48am]
i made a new blog. i don't know why. i was bored and wanted to make something new. so add me if you have one...

i never update here anymore. i probably should start...


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[21 Oct 2008|01:01pm]
I quit already.
haha. I'm hopeless.
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[19 Oct 2008|12:59pm]
I need to start posting more. I don't have this thing for nothing. So here's a quick update for like the past month.

I quit my job at the daycare. Got accepted to Empire State College, a nontraditional SUNY school. Had orientation last Wednesday. Classes start November 3rd. Went to a job fair. Got hired from CVS in Latham on Friday without an interview. I start there tomorrow in the photo lab. Boyfriend got a telemarketing in Troy. We've been inseparable for the past 8 months and now that we both have jobs and I have school, I'm scared we will hardly be seeing each other. I know we need to have our own lives and do our own thing, but we've been together almost everyday for eight months, it's just going to be a weird thing to get used to. I guess it's for the better, though. We need to start saving money so we can get on with our lives and hopefully move in together soon. We have a lot ahead of us. It's exciting and scary at the same time.

P.S.Collapse )
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[15 Jul 2008|05:37pm]
I turn 21 tomorrow. I can't believe it. How long I have waited for this day and now that it is almost here, I don't really care much. Weird how waiting for something can be better than the something you are actually waiting for.

I'm having a party for my birthday this saturday and I'm so scared no one is gonna show up. I feel like a little girl again with high hopes.
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Nintendo DS for sale... [16 Apr 2008|10:22am]
I'm selling my Nintendo DS. I got it for Christmas and I just don't play it. There's nothing wrong with it. It'll include the games Super Princess Peach, Harvest Moon, The Sims, and Brain Age 1. I'm asking for $150...or best offer. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks. =)
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I am so Belle!! [28 Mar 2008|09:51am]

Find Out Which Disney Girl You Are!
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You scored as Belle

Dancing furniture, singing spoons, and a man who needs a serious haircut - sound familiar? Well it should! Belle was a very independent spirit with alot on her mind, much like you are! But in life, there is a needed balance - learn when to speak your mind, and when to hold it back. Sometimes offending someone isn't the best way to go!

















Snow White


Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)









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[29 Jan 2008|08:11pm]
So I've been in NY for like a week now and am feeling better than I did when I first got here. I just need to get a car and a job now, then hopefully I'll be able to get on with my life. Anyone wanna hook me up with a job? haha. Not much else going on. Just want you all to know that I'm doing (a little) better.

How are you all doing?
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[24 Jan 2008|11:39am]
I'm in New York and I don't really want to be here. I just wanted to stay strong and I was the whole time I was in Alabama last week talking with him, but once I get here, everything sinks in and I just break. I know things haven't been the greatest but I didn't want this. The car ride here was so perfect. We laughed and joked and everything was fine, but when we get here he unpacked my stuff and just left. I thought I'd be okay. I thought I prepared myself and got used to the idea of all this already, but I was wrong. I'm not okay. I don't want to live here with my mom. I don't want to hear about how I need to start helping out here and how I have to get a job. I just want time to stop so I can take a deep breath and just take all of this in. I thought about how maybe I'm supposed to be with someone else and had someone in mind, even...but I don't know. I don't think I'm ready for that just yet. I need to get used to this idea of being apart, living on my own, being independent. I need to live for myself now. I need to just focus on me.

I just want to talk to him.
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[20 Jan 2008|06:52pm]
Michael and I are getting seperated.

I'm moving back to New York on Tuesday.

Things just aren't working out, I guess.
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[15 Dec 2007|11:14am]
She's gone. My poor sweet Aunt Adeline is gone. I saw it happen yet I still can't believe it. Ten months from Thursday, she found out she had lung cancer. Two weeks from Thursday, she had a stroke. Then spent those two long weeks in the ICU on a respirator because she couldn't breathe on her own. We had to make the decision to take her off yesterday or else she would have had to get a trig to help her breathe and then spend the rest of her time in a nursing home which was estimated to about two months. That wouldn't be fair for her. She'd be in pain and in a nursing home. None of us wanted to see her suffer and that's not what she wanted. So we had to take her off. She lasted five hours breathing through a mask. Five o'clock she was gone and we all saw her take her last breath. It's not fair. I miss her so much already. I miss her hugs. She's so sweet and now heaven has her as an angel. At least she gets to be with her son for Christmas.

I love you Aunt Adeline.
May you Rest In Peace.
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[21 Nov 2007|08:56pm]
Hey. Does anyone know about black friday sales on the playstation 3? I really want to buy one for the hubby as a christmas surprise. Please let me know if you have heard anything. Thanks!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
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[13 Nov 2007|07:38am]
Michael got me a Nintendo DS for Christmas!! He bought it for me last night. He looked around everywhere and was having such a hard time finding one, but last night he found one and was so excited to give it to me so he just gave it to me last night. I don't like getting presents early but I'm glad he gave it to me because now I can play it on the plane. Plus, he wanted me to pick out a game for it. I got Super Princess Peach. haha. I love her. I'm gonna have to ask for some games for Christmas now. I think I want Cooking Mama. I know Annie (mytinycorner) plays it and she really likes it. It sounds like fun so I'll probably ask for that. Also, I want Animal Crossing. We bought it for the Game Cube last weekend and I love it!! So now I need it for my DS. lol. I'm gonna have to bring the Game Cube with me so I can play it while I'm in NY. haha. Man, I gotta start packing. Ugh...I don't want to pack for like 2 months worth. I need to leave extra room too so I can bring stuff back. This is gonna be annoying. I can't believe I'm leaving Friday!'s crazy. I'm gonna miss Michael and my furbabies but I'm excited to see everyone.
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[07 Nov 2007|07:35am]
Fri Nov 16: Leave Montgomery, Alabama at 06:35 AM
Arrive in Albany, New York at 01:05 PM

Mon Jan 07: Depart Albany, New York (with my mommy) at 03:15 PM
Arrive in Montgomery, Alabama at 07:15 PM

Yep, I'm staying for almost 2 months. Crazy, isn't it? I'm looking forward to it. I'm not sure what I feel about staying for 2 months though because that means not being with Michael for any of the holidays and he'll be here by himself. I just don't feel right leaving him alone on the holidays...the time of the year when you should be surrounded by family. He says he doesn't mind. He doesn't even like the holidays, but I feel like that's more of a reason to be with try to enjoy them the best you can. I don't know. I wish he could come for like a week in between there somewheres, just to kinda celebrate. I just feel guilty, I guess. He's gonna try to come in January, though, when work slows down for him. So when I get back here with my mom, I'll probably be coming back to NY like a week later. lol. Oh well. It should be fun. I just hate not having a car there, which is why I really wanted to drive up there but plans fell threw with that. Michael's dad might have a junky car that I could drive while I'm there, though so that'll be good. We'll see what happens. like 9 days I'll be there.

See you all soom ;]
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[31 Oct 2007|06:37am]
HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!!!!!! I hope everyone has an awesome night tonight. I wish I was in NY celebrating it with everyone but I'll be there soon. =]

Man, I'm like the only one here dressed in orange and black...probably the only one on this whole campus. Party poopers. I wanted to go all out, too...and wear like devil horns, haha...but I don't think my boss lady would appreciate that. Oh well. I tried my best..and apparently am the only one who did!! So don't be like these people and have fun tonight!!!!!!!!!

Tonight we are gonna go trick-or-treating with some friends. They have kids so it's an excuse for all us old people to go. haha. It'll be fun. They had a halloween party on Saturday and that was a lot of fun. I'll have to get some pics from Sarah and post them. There was one guy dressed as a giant banana. haha. He was playing with the bottom part of the banana and it just looked really weird. lol. He was too funny. Anyways, I'm glad we went and actually have friends to spend the holiday with since we didn't do anything last year. boo that. So...have a fun and safe Halloween!!! [ post pics tomorrow =P ]

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